Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saz's State House

When I was in Milwaukee recently on a Friday, my sister said she knew the perfect place for a family get-together and a great fish fry. She was right! We had a really good Fish Fry at Saz's State House. I sure wish they had a branch in Lake Mary! We had a very nice Fish Fry here and I'd return in a moment.

Saz's is somewhat known locally in Milwaukee for their Ribs and for their participation in sporting events--they are blocks away from Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. But we went there on a Friday night specifically for their Fish Fry and we were not disappointed. 

There were about a dozen of us and we had a reservation, so no waiting, though when we left they were busy and I'm told that sometimes there is a long wait. But not for us. After taking and delivering our drink orders (mostly beer--we were in Milwaukee, WI after all!), we ordered. I had the fish fry and I have to say, my fish was perfectly breaded and deep fried--to perfection. The fish was moist and flaky, the breading was not greasy at all. I had the coleslaw and potato pancakes. The potato pancakes were fairly thin and a bit overcooked as a result--thicker would have been better. The coleslaw was a bit dull--it could have used a bit of acid, I thought. And one thing never made it to my plate--the bread. Yes, the waitress should have noticed this but did not. One or two of our party had to ask for missing items, but I figured I had enough to eat, and i was right. In general it was good, but the Fish--for which a Fish Fry is named--was the highlight and was wonderful. I would return again, just for the fish.
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