Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elements on the Falls

We visited Niagara Falls. It is true, the US owns the falls, but Canada owns the view. So we decided to enjoy the view of the falls while we ate lunch at Elements on the Falls. We had a nice time and a decent lunch with a spectacular view and good service. I have no complaints and yes, it was a bit pricey, but well worth it.  

I started with a salad. It was everything a salad should be: fresh and enjoyable. Mixed greens were served with a slice of tomato, slice of cucumber, and a bit of shredded carrot. The raspberry vinaigrette on the side was perfect for it.

My friend Tommy had the Clam Chowder, and it, too was decent. Perhaps not the best clam chowder ever, but it certainly was good. And, because it was served with crackers, he was happy!

For my main dish I had the Pasta Carbonara. I'd say it was just OK and certainly a bit overpriced---but then again, there was the view of Horseshoe Falls--I know we were paying for that, and that was OK by me. There was not much meat in the dish but the sun-dried tomatoes added a lot of flavor. 

For his lunch, Tommy had the French Dip, and it was quite good. It came with cheese on it, and some fries. All was good and delicious.

Yes, we paid for the view, but we left happy, full, and satisified. Our waitress, Wendy, did a very nice job and took good care of us. This was a nice lunch.
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