Monday, March 29, 2010

Angelo's Pizzeria & Family Restaurant

We stopped by here on the spur of the moment last Friday night. We'd attended the Sanford Fourth Friday Art Walk and were hungry. One of our favorite places had just closed, so we decided to hit Angelo's. It was a good choice. My friend Tommy and I both ordered the same thing, a special pasta dinner. I don't even recall for sure what it was called, maybe Christos something, but the dish itself was quite memorable.

Tender medallions of chicken had been nicely cooked, still very moist and tender. These were served over a bed of penne pasta. It was topped with an alfredo sauce that contained artichoke hearts and black olives, and it all was topped with some sun-dried tomatoes and a healthy dose of parmesan cheese. This was a very good dish. Not only was the taste point-on,  but for $8.99, we each had enough to take home for a second meal--quite a value. Based on my previous experiences at Angelo's, this is a gem of a place. Not fancy, just good eats!
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