Monday, March 1, 2010

Ming's Bistro

Like it? I loved it! I stopped at Ming's Bistro for lunch the other day. The choice was a spur-of-the-moment choice, but I was blown away. First, the atmosphere. The place was packed, always a good sign. Many of the people there were Asian. Another good sign. The waitstaff did not speak English all that well--another good sign. But everyone seemed to be enjoying their food.

For lunch I ordered the Beef and Scallions--tender pieces of beef were wok-fried with onions and a few scallions, and tossed in a delicious sauce. This dish alone was a winner. I was here with my cousin, and she ordered a rice noodles and chicken and bok choy stir-fry dish--it was also excellent. We both enjoyed the food.

Ming's Bistro has servers going around with carts of dim sum and other delicacies. You just point at what you want and it's served and added to your tab. Because of the nature of this, it would be a great place for a group of people so you all could share bits of many dishes--indeed, that's what many patrons were doing.

While waiting for our lunches, I noticed an item on the dim sum menu that intrigued me--Fried Turnip Dumplings. I enquired about if and one of the waiteresses hurried off and returned in short order with an order of it for me. It was outstanding, simply wonderful. It appeared to be shredded turnips in a sort of dough that had been cut into cubes and then pan fried. The flavor was wonderful. I know I'll be searching the Internet for this recipe.

The only disappointment was that I could not eat more. The food was wonderful. I'd like to return with a group of people so we could all taste some of the various dishes I saw going by on the carts. The food all looked very good. I'll be back!
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  1. yesss ming's bistro pretty much rocks! glad you enjoyed it !