Monday, June 14, 2010

3-6-9 Chinese Restaurant

I had a very good dinner here on my Birthday on a recent Friday night. My friend Tommy wanted to take me out to celebrate and I love good Chinese food, so we decided to give 3-6-9 Chinese Restaurant in Winter Springs a try, based on some good reviews it got on I'm glad we gave it a try.

The restaurant was not very busy when we were there, though the did seem to be doing quite a booming take-out business. A friend at work who lives in the area confirmed their popularity as a take-out place. I can see why, we had a good meal here.

We were promptly greeted and seated and drinks ordered and brought. We decided to start with an order of the Pan Fried Dumplings. They were wonderful. Six dumplings had been stuffed with a mixture of meat, napa cabbage, and vegetables, then fried. They were served with some soy sauce that was also very good, not as heavy or salty as the stuff you normally get. This was sure a good start to the meal. They were so good that we snatched up and ate two of them even before I could snap a picture!

For soup, Tommy ordered the Won Ton soup and I had a sip. It had a nice bright flavor, delicate yet delicious. Several good-sized won-tons floate in the broth and a few noodles and scallions graced it. A very good soup.

For my soup I ordered my current favorite, Hot and Sour Soup. It was indeed hot and sour. It had a nice little kick to it but I'd have liked a bit more of a kick. I'm used to seeing more ingredients in my normal hot and sour soup, here i mostly noticed tofu, bamboo shoots, egg, and carrots. It had a nice flavor, just was a bit different that any other hot and sour soup I've had before.

For his main course, Tommy chose the Hong Kong Combo--chicken, shrimp, and pork had been battered in a tempura-like batter, then deep fried and then sauteed with assorted vegetables. It was served with fried rice. Overall, it was a very good dish, and there was a lot of it. Tommy took home the leftovers and said it tasted even better the next day. I had a tast of this too and it was indeed very good.

For my entree I had the Five Flavored Chicken--it was listed as a hot dish and it was pleasantly hot. I loved that. I was shredded chicken sauteed with celery, carrots, water chestnuts, and mushrooms in a hot five-flavor sauce. Whatever the five flavors were, they were plenty tasty. I also had the fried rice. And I also enjoyed this dish immensely. I'd even rate it outstanding. And the leftovers were equally good the next day when I had them for my lunch. A wondeful dish.

We had a very nice meal here at 3-6-9 and I'd certainly go there again. They're one of the best Chinese restaurants I've eaten at and worth the 20 minute drive from Lake Mary to Winter Springs. The service was pleasant and attentive as well, we did not want for anything, and all our needs were very quickly taken care of. Love this place!
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  1. ive been here before! its a pretty decent chinese place, and those dumplings are spot on. They must be home made from the last time i tasted them!

  2. That five flavored chicken looks awesome! There's a little takeout dive located in the Conway area that has great five flavored chicken; perhaps I'll have to take a trip to Winter Springs to try this out!