Monday, June 14, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I love good pizza--the traditional type--but every once in a while I like to change it up a bit. So the other night I made homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza.

I already had one of the main ingredients on hand--leftover barbecued chicken from some appetizers I prepared the other night. You can find the recipe elsewhere in my blog here. Basically I slow cooked chicken thighs and then cooked them some more, long and slow, in a homemade barbecue sauce until they were tender, juicy, and quite barbecu-ey--if that's a word.

For my pizza crust I "cheated" and used the dough setting on my breadmaker--it turns out perfect pizza dough every time in just 90 minutes. For the liquid I like to use beer--it adds a pleasant flavor and aroma to the dough.

Assembling was a cinch. I cut the dough in half, then stretched it out into a sort of wierd looking circular like thing. No matter, I was not going for perfect geometry, just great pizza. I brushed the outer edge of the crust with olive oil, then brushed a very fine layer of Barbecue sauce on it--I like Bulls-Eye which has always gotten good ratings from America's Test Kitchen. Then I placed on gobs of the barbecued chicken on it. Next I sliced some red onions in quarter-inch slices, cut them in half, and separated into rings and spread liberally on top.  Finally I topped it with a four-cheese mexican cheese mix, then baked on a pizza stone. It turned out excellent, as you can see in this picture:


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