Sunday, June 27, 2010

Polonia Polish Restaurant

I love Polish food, and Polonia Polish Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants. I went there for lunch the other day with my friends Ewa and Joe. We had a great lunch and each left with enough for another meal later.

Joe and Ewa had the Easter Soup, żurek. They said it was very good. I started out with the barszcz or beet soup. It was also very good though I did notice some cabbage in it, something I'm not used to. Still, it was very good.

I had the Polish Combo which was two pierogi (one potato and cheese, one sauerkraut and mushroon, a gołubki with mushroom sauce, and a biała kiełbasa--white (fresh, not smoked) Polish sausage. It was all very good. And after starting with the barszcz, I had plenty to take home to enjoy another time.

Ewa had the Wazanki, a dish made of kluski (polish egg noodles similar to German spaetzle), bacon, cabbage, garlic, and onion, all cooked together in the pan. I had a sample, and it was very good. Of course, with bacon in it, how can you go wrong. Ewa, a native of Poland, pronounced it very good as well, high praise indeed!

Joe had the pork cutlet, very similar to a schnitzel. A cut of pork loin was pounded thin, breaded and fried to perfection. For his sides, he chose the red cabbage (one of my favorite sides at polonia) and teh saukerkraut (another of my favorite sides because it is more than just sauerkraut, it has a ton of flavor). He, too, loved his dish.  

 Though we were all very full, our waitress managed to tempt us with a slice of Chocolate torte. She wisely brought three forks. It was rich and creamy and very chocolaty. Though we were all full, it was hard to resist the goodness of this dessert--and we gave in to the temptation. It was wonderful.

Always a good meal at Polonia, always a good time. It's why I keep coming back time after time. Bardzo Smaczne! (Good Eats!)
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