Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fourth Friday Art Walk

On the Fourth Friday of every month, the art galleries in downtown Sanford sponsor the Art Walk--all the galleries are open 5-8 that Friday night and sponsor demos, have artists on hand, and server appetizer and beverages. The Fourth Friday Art Walk on June 25th was another successful event, though I did hear that for some reason, the Seminole Cultural Arts Council did not send out their monthly email announcing the event--at least that's what I heard. No matter, it was still a very successful event and there was a good turnout.

As usual, your's truly, the Lake Mary Food Critic, was in attendance at Art Affair Gallery. I served my Blue-Be-Q Chicken Tacos and they were quite a hit. I got lots of compliments on them and hopefully garnered some new readers for my blog. On the other side of the gallery, Tom Abbott was doing a demonstration in his exhibit, "Taking Paint to the Next Dimension." Judging from all the comments I heard, his work was quite popular. And out front, two other Art Affair Gallery artists, Rick Crawford and Burl (Ji Ji) Langston were doing demonstrations as well as shoveling about a lot of bull and having a good time. The gallery was quite busy the whole time and had a great turnout.

Just down the street, Gallery on First / Jeanine Taylor Folk Art also has a nice turnout, and several of the resident artists were there to chat with guests. And around the corner and down the block, Riverhouse Pottery also enjoyed a nice turnout. They had a special exhibition by an artist whose name I've forgotten, but I sure loved his work, very imaginative and creative--I loved it a lot. And of course, there's always Little Fish Huge Pond, quite the eclectic place--you really owe it to yourself to take a peek! And last but not least, it's always nice to check out Framing 508 Gallery, just down the street a few blocks on Palmetto.

Afterwards, a number of artists and hangers-on (such as moi) gathered at Two Blondes and a Shrimp for a few drinks and some munchies (Tommy and I had the nachos, they were very good). I was a bit disappointed with the service, it was a bit slow this night--however, they were very busy so I guess that is a good thing (being busy, that is)--they just seemed a bit short-staffed. I did notice waiter Thron was working his butt off and he did take good care of us--along with quite a few other tables! I spied the manager once or twice but he was mostly absent from the courtyard where we were seated. Odd, since I know he's met most of us at one time or another--maybe he didn't see us. But still, the drinks were cold and we had a good time chatting and unwinding for about an hour or so. I can't wait for the next Art Walk, I'm sure it too will be a lot of fun.


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