Saturday, June 5, 2010

White Cup Coffeehouse

What an amazing, warm, and friendly place this is! If I had White Cup Coffeehouse in my neighborhood, I'd rarely be at home, it's that fun. My friend and I came here the other night because another friend, and artist, was having an opening for a show. One wall of White Cup Coffeehouse is devoted to artwork, and that's where John's art was displayed.

I found John's art amazing, in part because of the technique he employed. On 11x17 pieces of high quality white pine, he did pencil drawings of the signs of the zodiac. Then he had them copied--literally laid on a high quality copier and copied. The copies are framed and are available individually. Then he used paint and colors and went to work on the panels and colored them. They really are unique and I love the flow and the lines and colors in them.

But that's not the end. Once they were all done, he returned to the Office store and had them copied, and copies printed out on high quality photo paper. They really are unique and quite nice. He sold a number of them last night while we were there. In the picture to the left, John is on the left and another artist and friend, Tom Abbott is on the right. the colored panels are behind Tom. You really have to stop in if you're in the area just to see the art.

But that is not the end of this story, because this is a food blog and now to the food part. Well, I only had an Iced Mocha Latte there, so that is all the "food" i can speak to. And it was good, though I am no coffee expert. But I am an atmosphere expert and that is what I found there--a great atmosphere. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcome and like a part of the family. We were there a good hour and a half and spent the time chatting with various folks there. It turns out that White Cup has quite a local following, people gathering there every day for a few hours to chat, have coffee, smoothies, desserts, and even sandwiches at lunchtime. It's like a large group of friends. I truly felt like I'd made new friends after I left, or felt like I'd spent the evening with some of my best friends--and they were all strangers an hour or so ago.

White Cup Coffeehouse is not a huge place, but is quaintly decorated. They also have an outdoors seating area which would be perfect on a nice spring or fall day, or early or late on a summer day. If you visit--and I highly recommend that you stop in--you will feel like an old friend as soon as you walk in that door. It's an eclectic hangout, for sure. Art on the walls, sometimes live music, in a tiny place where you will find friends as well as, I am told, exceptional coffee. I've read some of the reviews on urbanspoon and they all speak highly of the coffee and atmosphere. Give it a try, check it out in Debary, right near Highbanks road on 19-92. If you're in the area, give it a try, you'll be glad you did.The White Cup Coffeehouse on Urbanspoon


  1. Now relocated in historic downtown Sanford at 125 west first street. Ph 407-320-8180

  2. They have moved. New management/ownership and an even better vibe. The owners are experienced advertisers and musicians. The coffeehouse is now also a great music store!!! They are offering live shows, open mic, comedy and all sorts of wonderful talent related events. The food is extremely varied. There will be something yummy for every palate both healthy organic options as well as decadent desserts for anyone with a sweet tooth. The coffee(not just sayin') is second to none! The chains are in trouble if there are any nearby! These folks have hit the ground running and Downtown Sanford is embracing them! The future is very bright indeed for The White Cup Coffeehouse!!!