Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Britt's Laguna Grill

We had a nice beachside meal here at Britt's Laguna Grill the other night. We were in Clearwater Beach for the afternoon/evening and getting quite hungry. After looking around a bit, we found our first choice to have a half hour to 45 minute wait. No! Too hungry for that. So we went back to this place--I'm glad we did. The have a fairly varied menu, and a nice beer selection. Drinking a cold one (it was a hot day out), I quickly spied the wood-fired pizza oven near the dining area and the pizza selection on the menu. Score!

For my dinner I had the Buffalo Chicken Pizza: roasted diced chicken in buffalo sauce with sliced red onions and gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese. Yumm, this was very good. I asked for some buffalo sauce on the side which quickly appeared. The pizza also was served with some grated parmesan on the side, quite a nice touch and just a bit of it added a lot of flavor. This was a very good pizza, the crust was very tasty and tender and it was cooked well, nice and crispy on the bottom. I liked it a lot and only managed to eat 2/3 of it--but took the remainder home to devour at a later time (I did so on the beach the next day). I'd rate this as one of the better pizzas I've had for a specialty pizza. I loved it!

My friend Tommy ordered a pizza too--they just sounded so good and the thought of oven fired pizza seemed so right with a cold drink on a hot day. He ordered a Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza. He did ask for it to be well done, even a bit brown on top, and it was not, a bit of a mis-step. Still it was cooked well and done. This too had a lot fo flavor from a nice but not overpowering tomato sauce to a good but not overpowering proportion of ingredients. A very successful dish. He too had some leftover for tomorrow's lunch at the beach. 

Overall we had a very good experience here. The beer and wine were cold, the pizza hot, the Air Conditioning inside worked perfectly (it was hot as blazes outside) and the service provided by Cheryl was very attentive. I was surprised to find a place this good and this reasonable right off the beach. Definitely a cut above some of the usual beach food. I'd come here again. Give it a try, definintely good eats and a bargain on the beach.
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