Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stone's Throw Bistro

With their new lunch hours and prixe fixe menu, some friends and I went to Stone's Throw Bistro for lunch recently. We were not disappointed, not in the least! We arrived shortly before noon and at first were the only ones in the place, but as the noon hour approached, a few more tables were filled.

The have a new lunch menu at Stone's Throw a prixe fixe or "fixed price" menu. That is a limited select at a fixed price, but don't let that scare you, the combinations you can order will keep you coming back time after time, I know they will me! Bascially it's a soft drink, a "create your own" sandwich, and a choice of fries for $9.50. Given that two out of the three of us could only eat half of our sandwich or less, I'd say it was a good deal!

The create your own sandwich means you get a piece of paper with various choices on it and you build your own sandwich--choose a bun, a meat, a cheese, various other go-withs, various sauces, etc. There is quite the combination. I chose several sauces on the side so I could try them all.

My friend Dale ordered a burger but this was certainly no ordinary burger, as you can see from the picture. It was cooked perfectly to the medium-well that she requested. Her fries were hot and crisp and tasty. But the burger was the star here. The presentation was wonderful with a steak knife stuck right through it, but that was literally needed to hold it all together, it was a very big burger indeed. Dale confirmed that it was also very tasty, too. She enjoyed it immensely and could not even finish quite half of it, there was that much too it. She was impressed as were the rest of us.

On a side note, one of Dale's sides was a fried green tomato. I also ordered one as a topping, but I pulled it out of my very tall sandwich and ate it as a side. It was very good. The breading was somewhat bready and doughy, but not in a bad sense, it tasted wonderful and the texture was not at all gritty. It was divine. I think I could eat a whole order of nothing but the fried green tomatoes, they were as good as any I've ever had, even better than my own!

I had a chicken sandwich with provolone, bacon, and a bunch of other stuff. I also ordered some stuff on the side, including a several of their various sauces. First the sandwich. The chicken was very good, a huge piece of white meat, very tender and juicy. I'm sure it had been brined as it was just a bit salty for my taste, but with all the other stuff on the sandwich it was nearly perfect. The chips were also very good. Not sure if they make them there or not, but the were crisp and tasty. I used them to try some of the various sauces. My favorite was probably the Chipotle Aioli, it was very good. The Smoked Poblano Aioli was also quite good. I liked the Truffle Aioli but I think the delicate flavor of the truffle was overshadowed by the chips. I did however put some of it on my sandwich and it was a nice compliment there.

We had a very good lunch here, my friends both agreed. We'd go back here again for the good food and the value. And I know I will be returning soon at night for a real dinner. Stone's Throw Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants, for sure.
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