Monday, August 23, 2010

Mimi's Cafe

My friend and I decided to have lunch here on a recent Sunday afternoon. There was a wait, about 25 minutes, a testament to the popularity of Mimi's Cafe. It was worth the wait.

I had eaten here several times in the past, but it had been a while. Now I'm wondering why so long? We did have a bit of a wait, but once seated our server was courteous and very attentive. We decided to start out with two of their "small plates"--more or less appetizer size portions meant to share or to be a go-with. The BBQ Pork Quesadilla contained tender pulled pork with a somewhat sweetish BBQ sauce, jack cheese, and red onions. It was accompanied by coleslaw and was very good. We also tried the Potachos--kettle chips topped with bacon, cheddar sauce, green onions, and diced tomatoes. This too was good. The cheddar sauce was not overpowering and was tasty. These need to be eaten rather quickly as after a time the chips can get a big soggy. However, it was very good and we cleaned up every last drop!

For my main dish I chose the Patty Melt--a nice-sized patty of beef was grilled to a perfect medium as I requested. It was topped with cheddar chesse and grilled onions and served on grilled corn rye bread. The tast of this sandwich was right-on, all I expect with a patty melt. However, I think there was one mis-step. To my mind, it was served upside down! It was stacked bread, grilled onions, patty, cheese, and bread. But what happened is that the juicy grilled onions made the bottom of the sandwich soggy. I'd suggest they server it on thicker bread or better yet, turn the dang thing over, upside down! But no matter, the taste was very good. It was served with coleslaw. I've never met a coleslaw I didn't like and this was no exception. My favorite thing about it was that it was not overly sweet. Yumm.

My friend Tommy had the Chicken Jack Ciabatta sandwich. Tender blackened chicken was piled on a ciabatta roll wiht grilled red peppers, onions, baby greens, and a citrus remoulade. This was a good sandwich but definitely a challenge to eat. It was pretty big and also a big mess. No, it was very messy. But oh, so good. It was served with french fries. This was a good sized sandwich, and Tommy took about half of it home to enjoy another day. 

Overall we had a very nice experience at Mimi's. It's got nice atmosphere and our service was very attentive. I'd eat here again, definitely.

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