Saturday, January 15, 2011


Manzano's is pearl, a small, family run sandwich shop in the heart of downtown Deland. I had been past it a number of times and kept telling myself I needed to eat here. I was right. Normally they are only open mornings and afternoons and closed Sundays. But the Deland Fall Arts and Crafts Festival was going on and so they were atypically open on a Sunday. It was my lucky day!

After we placed our orders, we sat grabbed a table outside. They assured us they'd find us, and they sure did, no problem. I ordered a hot buffalo chicken sandwich, served on a type of ciabatta, I believe. It was very good. The bread was exceptional, very fresh, a nice bit of a crust, and quite tasty. The chicken in the sandwich was sliced thickly and nice and tender. For my money, I could have taken a bit more heat, but it was a fine sandwich, very, very good. The sides were served in small coffee cups with lids. We both had the potato salad and it was outstanding. 

My friend Tommy had an Italian Meat sandwich, and he said his was also aswesome. It was a huge sandwich served on a nice, firm french type of bread. Again, it was quite a hit as were the sides. As a matter of fact, both of us only were able to eat half our sandwiches and half our sides, so we had another great meal from Manzano's later. This place is a real gem. If I lived nearby, I'd be here all the time, I highly recommend them. 

The service also bears mentioning because it was very good. A few times the father of the owners (who was there "helping out" as families do) stopped by to check on us and to chat and made sure we had to-go boxes and all. This was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. It's a small place, but with a huge taste!
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