Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mike's Galley

They claim to have the best breakfast in town, and you know, they might just be right! My friend and I decided to give Mike's Galley a try on a recent Sunday morning based on the good reviews on Urbanspoon.com. We were not disappointed.

When we walked in around 11, they were pretty busy. But as luck would have it, someone was just leaving a table, so we snatched it up, even though it was dirty. But by the time we got close the dishes had disappeared, and within second one of the waitresses was cleaning the table. Wow, what service. We immediately had our beverage order taken. As a matter of fact, they tried to take it twice as another waiter also came by to take it. I will say that during most of our visit, we were double and triple teamed by the waitstaff: our drinks were topped off often and we lacked for nothing at all. 

The atmosphere here is somewhat diner-like and it fits it well. On walking in you're greeted by a "seat yourself" sign. The kitchen takes up about 1/4 of the square area, with tables and chairs aplently. The walls are somewhat kitch-ish, adding to the charm. It's a warm and comfortable atmosphere, for sure.

After a short wait, our orders arrived. I ordered a half order of Sausage Gravy and Biscuits to go along with my Mike's Ultimate Mix. I think a better name would be "Mike's Mess," but that is a compliment. It was a huge plate full of food, 3 eggs scrambled with cheese. ham, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. It was absolutely delicious, fantastic. The sausage was big chunks. The ham was big chunks, This was very, very good. I had an English muffin with it and a Potato Pancake with onion. Both were also very good. Now in all honesty, the Mike's Mix alone was more than enough, but I also had a side of Biscuits and Gravy. That was pretty good too, though just a bit on the salty side. I could not finish it, no way! It was all very good.

My friend Tommy ordered the 2 eggs over medium with toast and home fries and sausage. It was also very good, though he did note that the over medium eggs had a bit of runny whites in them. But they were good. The toast appeared to be of homemade bread and was very good. The homefries, he said, were just OK. The sausage links were huge, and very good.

Overall, this was a very good meal, and I'd say yes, it was the best breakfast in South Daytona Shores, no doubt. I'd come back here again for breakfast. The food was good, the service excellent, and the value outstanding. Yumm!
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