Saturday, January 22, 2011

R. G. Brewski's

We stopped at R.G. Brewski's for dinner the other night and had a very nice meal. We walked in to a very busy place. It's a sport bar and has that atmosphere with TVs and games going all over the place. A bit on the noisy side, too, but that's to be expected. We were told there would be about a 20 minute wait, which was fine. We found a few seats at the bar and had a beer. They have 20-something beers on tap, which i really liked. 

Eventually we were seated. They were busy and the Orlando Magic game was on most of the TVs, and lots of fans eating and watching. Our waitress was very prompt and, since we'd already looked at the menu while at the bar, we went ahead and ordered some appetizers. 

We started with two appetizers. The first was the "Pierogies" (bad Polish grammar since the word pierogi is already plural, but I guess it's "anglicized"). Yes, they had pierogi on their menu. I like that. They served potato and cheese pierogi, three of them, and they had been fried in some onions and mushrooms. They were all a pierogi should be, though the actual pierogi themselves appeared equivalent to store-bought "Mrs. T's"--nothing too special, but still good. And when you dress them up with the mushrooms and onion, you really do elevate them to a new level. They were served with a side of sour cream, though with the mushrooms and onions, they didn't even need that. Very good. Bardzo smaczne

Next up was the Asian Fiery Shrimp appetizer. I thought these to be very, very good. Ranking right up there with a few other spicy shrimp appetizers I've had at other places. The shrimp were nicely deep fried, then covered with a fairly spicy dressing. I'm not exactly sure what made it "asian" but it sure was good. There was a side of blue cheese dressing as well, to help tone down the heat. I thought these were very good with a fair amount of heat. My friend Tommy found them a bit on the hot side, but he ate and enjoyed them nonetheless. These are a real hit.

For my main dinner I had a burger. Specifically, the BBQ Bacon & Cheddar Burger. It's what I call affectionately a "garbage burger" because there are so many topping on it. But it was good, if a bit messy to eat. It was topped with jalapenos and onion rings as well as a bit of lettuce, tomato, and pickle. A lot to eat! There was what I consider one little misstep, though, and that was the single leaf of lettuce--it was half good, but half of it was severely wilted, like it had been too close to the heat. It looked "odd" and off-color. I would not have served that particular piece of lettuce, as it stood out like a sort thumb on an otherwise nice lookign burger. But that's a small point, granted. The burger was served with Cajun Tater Tots, also a hit, though nothing out of the ordinary. I enjoyed my burger. It was a bit hard and messy to eat, but I knew that up front. Still it was good and was cooked to the requested medium. Yumm!

My friend Tommy had the Mini Cheeseburgers & Fries (an item on the appetizer menu) for his main dish--basically, sliders. It was very good and he liked it a lot. The fries were nice and hot, very good fries and I had quite a few of them. 

We had a nice meal here and a positive experience. Our waitress, Jackie, was very busy but took good care of us and we didn't lack a thing we needed. It got a bit loud later as they turned on the sound for the Magic Game, but that's what I'd expect in a sport bar, so it is not a complaint. We enjoyed our experience here. This is one of the best sports bars I've been in, and I'd go back again to eat here, the food was good and a fair value. Definitely Good Eats!  
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