Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yabi Sushi

We had a great lunch experience at Yabi Sushi the other day. About 8 of us from work went to Yabu Sushi on a busy Friday at lunch time. Note to self: go earlier (or later) next time, not right at noon. It was busy but we only waited a few minutes to have two tables put together. 

Their menu is huge, many different types of sushi with lots of variation. It took a bit for us to look over and understand the menu. Our waitress was very prompt, very efficient, and quite patient with us.

Eventually I decided, and I started with a Spicy Krab and Seaweed Salad. It was very good. You may notice from the picture on the left that I dug right in even before I thought of taking a picture. Now, admittedly that's Krab with a "K," but that's OK, it was still very good. It was labelled as spicy but it was very tame spice, just a hint. Still, it was absolutely delicious, and finised off with a bit of sesame seed on the top, too. I ate every last bit of this!

For my main dish I decided on the Caterpillar Sushi Roll. This was tempura-fried shrimp with avocado, eel sauce and white sauce. Perhaps even a bit of cream cheese. No matter, it was excellent. Now, I am no sushi expert, but i do know "good eats" when I have them, and this was good. Adding a bit of wasabi mixed with low sodium soy sauce and a bit of pickled ginger, this was very good, and a good sized portion for lunch. Could I have eaten another roll? Possibly, but then I would have been over stuffed. 

Between the eight of us, we had a wide variety of menu items from different types of sushi to other more "mainstream" menu items. Everyone was very happy with their food and we all remarked that the food was good, it was fresh, and it was pretty darned fast to arrive, given that the dining room was at capacity. Our server was aided at times by other servers or maybe runners, but everyone there seemed to work together well and very efficiently. I'd love to go back here some time with a group for dinner and maybe sample a variety of fresh sushi--there are an awful lot of very interesting items on the menu. Judging from the ratings and comments and our our experience, it's well worth another visit. Yumm! 
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