Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pollo Tropical

It may be "fast food," but I find Pollo Tropical to be healthier and better than many of the fast food joints around. My experience there the other night was another good experience.

I have eaten at Pollo Tropical quite a few times in the past, but had never been to this location before, and went with my friend Tommy, who had not been to Pollo Tropical before. It was a winner of a visit.

We went on a Friday evening. It was not extremely busy, but they seemed to have a steady line of people coming in and out. For my dinner I ordered the Boneless Breast of Chicken with two sided. For sides I had the Black Beans and Rice and also the Coleslaw. The meal was served with a roll, too. The chicken was very tender and juicy and very tasty, quite easy to cut. Of course how can you go wrong with black beans and rice, and it's quite nutritious as well. The coleslaw was equally good. I found the roll the most interesting item, because it had a slightly sweet flavor that took a second or two to identify--coconut! It was definitely unusual but was nice and added to the Carribean flavor of the menu.

My friend Tommy had the Half Chicken with two sides, but for his sides he had the Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and a Ceasar Salad. The chicken was very tender, moist, and juicy, with a nice crispy skin--they grill their chicken here which helps with the crispy skin and keeps things on the healthy side. His only complaint was that the mashed potatoes could have been hotter. They were warm, but not overly hot. But they were delicious, including the little lumps that really made them seem homemade.

We both enjoyed our meal here very much, and it was quite reasonable as well, a good value, and somewhat healthy. I'd go back again, for sure.
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  1. did u kno if u fill out their survey on your receipt you get a free 1/4 chicken meal with ur next purchase?