Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maria Bonita Restaurante Mexicano

My friend and I made a return visit here the other night and had a nice meal. We'd been to Maria Bonita Restaurant Mexicano before and had to wait. This time luck was with us and there was no wait, though they were generally busy. We were quickly greeted and shown to a table, and in short order our waiter, Josue, took our drink orders. He returned with our drinks and also some chips and salsa. The chips were nice and fresh as was the salsa, very tasty.

For my dinner I ordered the Guadalajara, a combination dinner which consisted of a chicken enchilada, a chicken burrito, and a chicken tostada. All were delicious, but the chicken tostada really stood out in my mind, it was excellent, absolutely wonderful. The other components were very good as well. It was served with some refried beans and rice and a bit of guacamole and sour cream as well. Not only was it very good, but it was a lot of food as well. However, somehow I managed to eat it all.

My friend Tommy ordered the Steak Fajitas, the normal steak and onions and bell pepper served hot on a sizzling platter with flour tortillas and beans and rice as a side (with a bit of guacamole, salsa, and sour cream). Tommy was not overly impressed with them, saying they were good, but certainly not the best he'd ever had. I had a taste and I'd agree. For some reason, the fajita meat seemed a bit too sweet for my taste. It was not bad, just not great.

Our service during the meal was OK, but just OK, it could have been a bit more attentive. Several times someone who I guess was the manager came around and basically asked if things were OK, but that was about it. Our meal was prompt as was the check, though. So it was OK. Overall it was a good meal though I've eaten here before and it was a bit better. Still, it's not bad Mexican food considering, and certainly better than you get at a chain such as Don Pablo's. I'll eat here again, it's a charming place with good food at a reasonable price.

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