Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coleman Public House

The food was good at Coleman Public House but there were a few disappointments here. Yes, it's a brew pub, but their wine selection was quite minimal and a very limited selection. The food was good but the server was quite green. Fortunately, the manager helped turn our experience into a positive one. 

I ordered a sampler of beer, 4 different 5 oz beer samples, they were all good but the Railhouse IPA was the best, followed by a local brew, the Westbrook Marzen.

When our food arrived, Tommy took one bite of the fish taco---it was very hot as in spicy hot. When he called the waitress over she said "well, the menu specified that." Ooops. Wrong thing. The menu mentioned no such thing. We summoned the hostess and she summoned the manager. He did all the right things and was very apologetic. He offered to make a new fresh fish taco without the salsa. He came back and said he tasted the salsa and it was indeed quite hot. He also said he spoke to our waitress. She was polite and efficient after that but a bit aloof, not very warm. But she did take care of us and the reprovisioned fish taco was indeed very good.

I had a southwestern salad, mixed greens, pepper jack cheese, black beans, corn, tomato salsa, and grilled chicken. It was very good. It did have a little bit of to heat which I liked.

Overall, the manager's great attitude and handling of the situation saw us leave happy and full, so overall, a good job. 

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