Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lowcountry Bistro

We're glad we found this place! We were in Charleston, SC, for a day and we'd seen Lowcountry Bistro the previous night--the hostess gave us a menu and told us a bit about the place, so we had to go back to try it, and we did for a late lunch on Sunday.

Tommy had the Carolina chicken, a nice tender chicken breast on  a sandwich with a fried green tomato and a crabcake with a nice aioli on a soft bun. It was very good. The chicken was char-grilled and very tender. It was a great sandwich

I had the Lowcountry Cuban, roasted pork shoulder made into a sort of ingot and fried, topped with a slice of swiss, some carolina pulled pok, and pickled okra. It was served on a french bread bun with a bit of dijonaisse. It was tasty but just a bit dry, especially with the bun--it needed more moisture somewhere along the line. But the flavors were nice and the pickled okra was a pleasantly good surprise. But the best part of this dish was the sweet potato salad that was served as a go-with. It was truly tasty and quite unique. Nice job!

We really enjoyed the food and the service here as well. 
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