Sunday, October 28, 2012

La Côte D'Or Cafe

La Côte D'Or Cafe was right next to our hotel when we were in Arlington, VA recently, and was a delightful find for a late evening meal. We'd spent a long day walking all over Washington, DC, so when we found a restaurant so close by that had a great rating on, we just had to try it. It was a good choice.

Once we ordered, we were treated to a complimentary treat--a shot of consomme. It was awesome, so much flavor in such a small portion. It certainly left us expecting a very good meal, and that's just what we got. 

First off, the pictures do not do this food justice--my regular camera was back in the hotel and all I had was my iPhone. But the food was indeed very good.

I had the Marguez (spicy lamb sausages) served with spicy lentils. Now, the lamb sausages were just a tad on the dry side, but very flavorful and with a nice kick. The lentils were also very rich and full of a hearty meat flavor, and also spicy. I liked this dish a lot and ate up every last drop.

Tommy had the steak and fries, and ordered the steak medium rare. It came out perfectly cooked, juicy, tender, red in the middle, and full of flavor. They sure know how to cook a steak here.

We had good service and a wonderful meal here. I loved it. Two thumbs up, for sure!
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