Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ireland's Four Provinces

After yet another long day in Washington, DC, being tourists, we had a late dinner at Ireland's Four Provinces in nearby Falls Church, VA. It was a good choice. We chose it because it was (a) close to our hotel and (b) had a great rating on We were not disappointed!

We came in and sat near the bar, finding a trivia contest in progress. We did participate, but we are no experts (as we soon learned). But it was fun and a nice way to pass the short wait for our food.

I started out with the Potato Leek Soup, and it was very good! It was rich, creamy, velvety, in the best tradition of a vichyssoise--though I did think I'd have preferred a bit more leek and a bit less potato flavor. Still, it was very good and I did like it a lot.

Tommy had the seafood gumbo and I did have a taste. Indeed, it tasted like seafood gumbo, like a gulp of the sea, a bit of fish, a bit of shrimp, it was all very good. 

For my main course I had the Fish 'N Chips. Wow, it was actually quite good. The fish was very good, probably haddock, with a nice beer batter type breading and fried just right. The fries were thick cut and tasty. My only complaint would be the small portion of coleslaw, but then that's all there was room for on the plate. I liked this a lot.

Tommy had the Seafood Platter and it, too, was very good with perhaps mahi-mahi for the fish, and scallops and shrimp. The scallops were very tender with a bit of blackening, the shrimp cooked well. There was a big portion of rice pilaf to go with this, but also some nice fresh veggies.

We had a good meal, good service, and a good time here. Nice!
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