Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Donna's Caribbean Restaurant

I saw Donna's Caribbean Restaurant and just knew I had to try it for lunch. It was a good choice. I had the lunch special--dirty rice with some goat stew gravy, jerk chicken (I had the white meat), and a bit of salad. There was nothing fancy about the food or the service or the presentation here. But at $4.23 (including tax) for a good meal, how can you go wrong. Yep, I said it, it was a very good meal. The rice with the gravy was plenty flavorful, a nice meaty flavor. The jerk chicken was a bit dry, but still tasted very good. And the salad was a nice compliment to it all. Best of all, it was more than enough food for a lunch. I ate in as I was on lunch break during a work training seminar. But during my time there, they had steady traffic, a testament to the good food. Nice job, well done!
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