Sunday, March 25, 2012

Louie's Bistro Food Truck

We discovered Louie's Bistro Food Truck at the Lake Mary Food Truck Crave recently, and I liked what I had... the California Chicken Tacos, basically chicken tacos with a chipotle lime crema, but with a twist--olives! Yep, olives. These were very good. What stated out as a normal, nicely flavored chicken taco with some lettuce and a chipotle lime crema (itselve very nice) was taken up a notch by the chopped olives that added a nice note to the tacos. Add a bit more lime juice and these were very quite good. My only complaint was the wait time, but maybe they were a victim of their own success--it took a full 15 minutes to get my chicken tacos. Were they worth the wait? Well, because I'd already eaten at other places, I'd say "yes." But for future reference, if you're extremely hungry, you may want to find faster service. Still, overall, these were very good and certainly worth waiting for, since I was already quite full!
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