Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Grand Lux Cafe

Talk about horrible service... I was literally the "invisible man" on my attempt to eat dinner at Grand Lux Cafe recently. I had high hopes for the place as the menu looked good. But it was not to be.

Upon entering, I was promptly greeted by the hosted and led to a seat with the (false) promise that "someone would be right with me." I was dining alone, in town on business, and seated at a narrow table separated by a small space from the table of four next to me. Embarrasingly close, I'd say. During the next 10-15 minutes, the waiter visited that table twice, the table next to it at least once. Server upon server passed me by. I'd long put down the menu, longing for even just a glass of water. Finally, in desperation, after well after 10 minutes (that I timed) had passed, I picked up my iPhone and called the front desk. My simple question: "how long do you expect someone to wait in your restaurant for their server to visit them?" In all fairness, they tried to be apologetic and help, but by this time I was out of patience.

To add great insult to injury, as I was about to leave, the waiter (who'd visited the next table at least twice in the last 10-15 minutes) finally came up to me. Guess what he said? "I'll be right with you".... as he turned and walked away. I did the same. I will never return to this restaurant nor visit this chain again. Is it any good? Well, they lost any chance they ever had to make a good first impression.
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