Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainforest Cafe

I had dinner at Rainforest Cafe recently and was quite disappointed. The food was just not that good, thought it started out on  a good note.

I was in town for a few days on business and staying near the Sawgrass Millls Mall. I'd heard of Rainforest Cafe and so decided to give them a try. I started out with the Tomato Basil Soup, and it was pretty good. The presentation was spot-on, being served in an aluminum "pail." The taste was also good, with a nice tomato flavor, very fresh, and a hint of basil. The shaved parmesan gave it a nice bite, and the parmesan toast served with it added a nice texture. This was the best thing I ate, though.

I also had a salad. It was notable for it's lack of noteworthyness. Chopped iceberg lettuce was topped with some chopped cucumbers, chopped carrots, and chopped tomatoes. There may have been other ingredients, but if there were, they were not worth remembering. Everything was put on a plate in some sort of automaton order, no real thought given to plating. The dressing was--thankfully--served on the side. I was also worth noting that it was quite forgettable. An average salad like I'd expect to find in a cheap diner. Not that good for the price/atmosphere of this place.

Lastly, I had the Fish Tacos for my main course. The presentation was nice. Unfortunately it was the best thing about the dish. The fish tacos themselves were a muddy mess of little flavor. I'm not sure just what i tasted in there, the flavors were very confused. Add to that the rice--bland--and the beans--mixed flavors, nothing really stood out. I've had a lot of fish tacos--these may have been the least flavorful I've ever had, and when you consider the prices, I'd definitely not have them here again. Over all, my meal was mediocre at best. Given the price, it was not much of a value. I woudl not return. But then again, you can be your own judge.
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