Saturday, October 17, 2009

Caddies Pub

I was at Alive after Five in downtown Sanford a week or two ago, and one booth was handing out some very flavorful samples of their food. They said they were a new place in Lake Mary, not very far from my home. The food was good, so last night my friend and I decided to try it out.

I'd done a bit of Internet research first and there was little to find about this new place on the Internet. They do not have a web site yet (get with the program!). But they are new, I'll cut them some slack. I did find mention of them in one blog and I did add them to But we decided to try them out based on the samples they had at Alive after Five. 

We arrived around 8 on a Friday night. Caddies Pub is a pretty large place and definitely a sports bar type atmosphere with large flat screens TVs everywhere and a few sports games playing (Pitt was playing Rutgers, not that I really cared). They have a large well-stocked bar area and a large dining area with a mix of low and high top tables. Very nicely decorated and definitely the golf theme going for them. They also have another bar in the patio area out back--that bar was not open, but the patio is very nice and opens onto the "commons" area bordering the Marriott hotel in back and adjacent to the patio area for Fish Bones restaurant.

As I mentioned, the place was pretty empty, but then again, they've been open less than a month. The waitress--who was very attentive--was a font of info. She said that business had been spotty, with it being very busy at times, and slow others. To be expected in the first months. I mentioned the lack of the web site. She said that yes, the owner knew that, but has been very busy and also owns a bar/restaurant in Mount Dora. Good for them!

They had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap, a plus for them. Yumm! That's what I had to drink, my friend stayed with iced tea.

We were not that hungry, but I ordered the patty melt with a side salad instead of fries. First, the salad. It was huge! The homemade pineapple viniagrette (on the side as requested) was very good, a nice compliment to the salad which was fresh and tasty. Mostly iceberg lettuce, but still a very good salad, and generous portion with diced tomatoes and croutons and no cucumbers--as requested. My patty melt was good. Not exceptional, and pretty ordinary, but still good. The grilled onions were a bit tough, that was a negative. And I'd have liked a bit more cheese on it, the cheese seemed to have melted into the bread (perhaps they did not butter the bread first, that would have helped); for $8.95, I think more cheese was in order. Still, it was a tasty sandwich, the bread was excellent, and it was nicely toasted on the grill. The meat patty was very good and flavorful and well cooked, though I note they never asked how I wanted it cooked--often the case for such a sandwich, I guess. But anyway, it was good. 

My friend had a sandwich called "The Rough"--a breaded and fried piece of pork tenderloin on a roll. It was very good! He also had the coleslaw, and for my money, that was the hidden gem of our whole dining experience--excellent coleslaw. There was something in it that was very intriguing. I believe it was vanilla. What an amazing idea. It gave the the coleslaw a whole new exciting flavor and smell. Definitely a big hit! As a matter of fact, I'd go back there just so I could have my own order of coleslaw--it was that good!

Our service was attentive and our experience positive. They have a very nice menu. I'd love to come back and try one of their wraps. I think I'll put this place on my lunch roll call--will bring some work friends here for lunch one day, I think they'll enjoy it. It would also be a great place for an after work hours get-together. You know, a few beers, maybe an appetizer or a sandwich. It's a nice place in a great location. I wish them well. There are at least 5 restaurants in this same plaza, and all pretty good. But it's a busy area. I wish them all the best!
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