Saturday, October 24, 2009

Morgan's Burger Bistro

I had eaten at Morgan's Burger Bistro several times in the past and always enjoyed it. So on a Friday I invited three co-workers to venture to downtown Sanford with me for lunch. I am a hero! All four of us agree: best burger ever!

We arrived shortly before noon and were promptly greeted by both the hostess and by Jane, Michael Morgan's mother. In true mother form, Jane constantly made sure we had everything we needed and that all our questions were answered. What great service.

We started out with the deep fried green beans and quite a variety of the sauces. We all were amazed by the great sauces, made by Chef Michael Morgan, and tried many of them. We each had our favorites. The beans did not last long.

My burger and side salad arrive shortly thereafter and was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was dressed with just a bit of lettuce and a thin slice of tomato and served on a kaiser roll.  It was a half pound of black angus grilled to absolute perfection. I decided to try it without any condiments, just to see what it was like. It was heaven. Absolute heaven. I never did put a single thing on it--that would have been a sin. I hate to admit it, but I ate the whole thing. It was so good.

The side salad I had did help assuage my guilt over eating the whole burger. I dressed it with a bit of spicy thousand island/french dressing. I'm not sure exactly how to describe the dressing, except to say it was fantastic.

I did sample some of the go-withs of my co-workers: regular fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings--all were very good and made even better by the variety of dipping sauces.

My friends also had a variety of burgers and were similarly impressed. Joe was surprised and glad that they'd cook his rare as requested, and loved it. Bob and Dale both had sauteed mushrooms and cheese on theirs and loved them as well. Dale could not finish hers, but fortunately Bob did--I felt a bit less like a pig then, thank you Bob! My total for the 1/2 pound Black Angus Burger with a side salad, Deep Fried Green Beans, a Iced Tea was about $17 with tax. The Burger with side alone is $6.95--a great value for sure.

In the past I've had a few other dishes here such as the Duck Quesadillas, Cajun Burger, etc. All have been very good. If you are in the mood for a burger, not just an ordinary burger, but a good, even great burger, try Morgan's Burger Bistro. It is the best I've ever had, beating even the popular 5 guys place. Best burger in Orlando, I promise!
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  1. man, Morgan's Burger Bistro sounds great! I'd love to try it out one day, maybe I'll make a trip out to Sanford for it :D

  2. i went to Morgan's Burger Bistro and i have to say the food was GREAT!. i LOVED it & i wouldn't mind going to Sanford for that place. The burgers i've heard they are good. But i love the fries, but especially the HOT WINGS. YUMMM!. Hopefully soon i'll be able to go there again.