Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Graziano's Pizza

I had dinner with a friend at Graziano's Pizza in South Daytona the other night. It was pretty good pizza.

This appears to be a family owned and family run business. Our waitress is the daughter-in-law of the owner. She was a lot of fun and very pleasant. As the only "front of the house" person on a slow Sunday night, she did a good job of multi-tasking and took good care of us, the two or three other tables there, and the occasionally carry-out order, as well as served as the phone order-taker, and appeared to also be babysitting a younger child. Whew! But she did a good job of it all. We learned that they used to have a restaurant on "the strip" in Daytona, right on the beach, but moved here when the building they were in was torn down for "redevelopment."

The pizza was very good pizza, nicely done, and reasonable. We had sausage, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes--very yummy. A 14" fed the two of us--stuffed us, actually--and left two slices to take home. My side salad was ordinary, but good. We also had an order of deep fried mozzarella stick. The marinara was very good, the sticks good but usual. I also had a Corona with my meal (no lime--dang!) and my friend an iced tea. The total bill was about $27. Reasonable, it seemed to me, very reasonable. And it was very good pizza too. I'd eat here again.
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  1. As the new owner of Graziano's I would like to invite you to come try us again soon! We bought the place just over two years ago. We will be adding a seafood menu in the next few months! We have added Woodchuck and Shock Top to the beer list. Family is still the name of the game, my husband and I have five sons ranging in age from 19years to 21months. We look forward to seeing you soon!
    Brian and Brandy Petersen