Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Brick Pizza

I was in a mood for pizza last Sunday afternoon. Our first choice was closed, so we settled on Red Brick Pizza which is nearby, in Sanford. It was just past midafternoon and not very busy, but no matter, we were hungry, and pizza sounded just right. We planned to order one small, one medium, and thus have a few slices for later in the evening.

My friend ordered the $7.99 special--a small (9") pepperoni pizza and a soft drink. I ordered the medium (11") Pizza Rustica, advertised as "new." 

The pizza was OK. I had a bite of the pepperoni, it was decent pepperoni pizza, not bad at all. I'm not sure it was really 9 inches, it sure did not look that big. But my "special" Pizza Rustica was somewhat of a disappointment. It was a very, very thin crust topped with mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil, spices, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, olive oil, and garlic sauce. Sounds good, right? Well, there were just a few wisps of basil, a very few pieces of mushroom, and I "guess" some other "spices." The flavor was not bad, but it was not exceptional or anything above ordinary, actually. And for the $11.25 price tag, not much of a value. i ate the whole thing--but there was not very much of it. I have had much better pizza from the frozen foods case at Publix--and for a lot less. I've even had better pizza from Papa John's and Domino's--and those places bring it to my door for me.

So my message for all of this is that I found Red Brick Pizza to be overpriced and underwhelming. I probably will not go back. Next time, I'll save a few bucks (well, more than just a few) and get a frozen "gourmet" pizza at Publix and cook it myself. Even when not on sale, I'd be getting a better value than we got at Red Brick Pizza. Save your money--for good pizza, look elsewhere!
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  1. How can you compare a Red Brick Pizza with something from the frozen food section? If you can, then you must like eating Stoufers for dinner and have never cooked a fresh ingredient dinner your self.

    The crust from Redbrick if it is done properly (only have been to the one in Naples Florida) is crisp on the surface and rich and chewy inside. If you want a sloppy, greasy overwhelming dominance of those high fat meats, then you should continue to eat those delivery chains with their buttered crust (fake butter that is) and soggy dough. And, if you judged that pizza in take home style, no pizza is any good after sweating in a cardboard box for 15 minutes. Try getting their fresh dough to go and cooking it on a stone in YOUR oven and experience real food. Or, eat it in the restaurant when it is hot and fresh.

  2. I can compare the Red Brick Pizza I had with one from the frozen food section because that's what it tasted like. I have made plenty of fresh pizzas in my like, from scratch, including the crust, and baked on a pizza stone. I know what good pizza can taste like when lovingly and expertly prepared.

    The Red Brick pizza I had was consumed right in the restaurant, right after it was delivered to my table. I've had as good or better out of my oven and from a frozen food section pizza. Not bad for what it is. However, for a so-called fresh made pizza at a pizza establishment, I expect better. I definitely did not get it here.

    If you've read some of my other reviews, you'll find that I have found much better pizza around. Some has been very good. But Red Brick just didn't cut it by my standards. I'll pass them by again and again. If I'm that hungry for pizza, a frozend one from Publix will be as good as Red Brick's was the day I visited, at half the price.

  3. New ownership at this store.. you should check it out.