Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gourmet 2 Go

Talk about a hidden gem! I first heard about Gourmet 2 Go in downtown Sanford from it's chef and chief publicity hound, Michael. At any Sanford event, and on almost any given busy day or night in downtown Sanford, you're liable to run into Michael giving out handbills and pushing his place, Gourmet 2 Go. He is a great marketer, but that's only made possible because he had a great product to market, the fresh food at Gourmet to Go. 

I've eaten there several times now and stopped in a few times for drinks and to listen to the free music (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights). It's always been a good experience. And once you meet Michael, he's your friend and will remember you the next time you come in--guaranteed!

My last foray to Gourmet 2 Go was to take three coworkers there for lunch last Friday. The hits were the Cuban sandwich (excellent!), the Tomato Florentine Soup (totally awesome), and the Black & Bleu sandwich--very, very good. My Cream of Mushroom soup was excellent, so nice and rich and creamy that I was able to save half of my Black & Bleu sandwich to take home for another meal. My friends and I totally enjoyed ourselves (though there was no Michael at this time). The chef/waiter (whose name I've unfortunately forgotten) was very attentive and helpful. We had a very nice meal here and I'll be back for sure.

By the way, in the past I've had a few other things on the menu, certainly worth mentioning. The Cream of Celery soup is so very good and a Sanford "tradition"--probably because at one time in the past, Sanford was a large producer of celery. Nowadays, developments have replaced those celery fields. Sigh! The Asian Pulled Pork is also very good, and the DJs Macaroni Salad is wonderful. I'd say fresh ingredients, attention to detail, and made-to-order seem to be the hallmarks of Gourmet 2 Go. I'm a big fan, I hope you will be too!

A sandwich, soup, side, drink, and a free dessert shooter, total bill, about $13. Worth every bite, especially later that evening when I had the other half of my sandwich and was able to relive the earlier dining experience. Yumm!
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