Saturday, October 24, 2009

Terra Mia

All I can say is, I'm glad I finally got to eat here, it was well worth the wait!

The first time I wanted to eat at Terra Mia, it was packed and there was a 40 minute wait. A good sign but I did not want to wait. The second time I wanted to eat there, we went on a Sunday afternoon, only to discover they are closed on Sundays! Third time's the charm, right? It was.

We called on a Friday night to find out how late they were open. 10 PM. Great, it was already 9 so we figured we'd catch them right near the end of the evening when things were slowing down. Wrong! We got there after 9:30 and the place was packed. Fortunately, a large group outside had gathered around one table leaving an empty table with no chairs. We were offered that outside table and promptly waitstaff brought us chairs from somewhere around the side of the building (I think they "borrowed" them from another establishment that was closed! No matter, we were seated promptly outside on a very pleasant October night. is good.

My Corona (with lime, thankfully) and my friend's iced tea arrived promptly, as did some delicious bread and an olive oil and herb & cheese dipping sauce. It was delicious. And the bread and oil was good too!

I ordered the Pizza Salomino, a huge 11" pizza with cheese and ham and a great pizza sauce. It was hot, huge, and delicious. Everything a good pizza should be. Though called a personal size pizza, it was big enough for two. I ate half of it--and the one more slice. It was so good.

My friend had the Lasagna Bolonese. It was truly delcious. There was not over blending of tastes here. The meat was distinct and flavorful, the bolognese was fresh, bright, not overly tomatoey, and delicious. And the cheese flavorful and distinct. The noodles did there job in providing a good supporting structure while not being evident with starchy taste. It was a truly well put together dish.

Our total tab including tax and two Coronas was about $35, not bad for some very good food. And not I know that there are three, yes count them, three really good pizza places in Lake Mary: Terra Mia, Giovanni's, and Caffe Positano. I suggest you give Terra Mia a try if you have not already. I can't waith to go back for more of their food!

Oh, and by the way, they were still busy when we left, the staff was still attentive, and we never ever once felt that they were closed and it was time to leave. I suspect they stay open till everone is ready to leave, no matter how late they linger. And the outdoor patio is a nice place to linger on a beautiful evening.
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