Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daily Grind Burgers

My friend and I decided to try Daily Grind Burgers for lunch today, and we're glad we did! My only regret is that I did not order a burger. What was I thinking?? We went to the Daily Grind in Port Orange, just south of Daytona Beach, FL. We've been to a neighbor restaurant, Monterrey Grill, a few times and loved it a lot. It was hard to pass it by. But a good thing.

My friend ordered the Black & Blue burger, a tender, juicy burger topped with bacon, blue cheese, onion petals, and chipotle mayo. I had a bit--a very, very bit bite. It was awesome! Flavorful and juicy. It was about the second best burger I've ever had in a restaurant--second only to Morgan's Burger Bistro in Sanford. But that is a compliment. It was very good. The onion rings he had as a go-with were also very good, juicy and flavorful.

Trying to be a bit healthy, I had the Buffalo Chicken sandwich, a piece of chicken breast with a buffalo sauce (somewhat spicy/hot) and provolone cheese. It was pretty good. I added tomato and lettuce from the fixin's bar. Only two complaints. One part of the chicken was just a tad stringy, though the rest was very good. And the bun seemed a bit tough. Not sure what caused that, it just was a bit tough as if not quite grilled right. Still it was a pretty good sandwich and I cleaned it up.

I also ordered a side salad, a big salad in a huge bowl. Too much shredded cheese for my tastes (trying to be healthy) and a packaged raspberry viniagrette dressing, but it certainly met my goal of having some green veggies.

I would certainly eat here again, but next time I'm going for what they do best, the burger. Yumm!
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