Monday, July 26, 2010

Cecil's Texas Style Bar-B-Q

I'd heard good things about Cecil's, and they were confirmed on my recent visit there. My friend Tommy and I were in the general area, it was lunchtime, so we stopped in at Cecil's Texas Style Bar-B-Q. Upon entering, we must have looked lost because the gentleman at the counter quickly explained to use what to do: read the menu on the wall, make our selection, get our meat, then add our sides, grab a drink and find a seat. He was very helpful and after a bit of time, we were ready to order. The meat is cut/portioned right in front of you and then you can get your own sides, and they have a nice selection.

I ordered the lunch sandwich with two sides, then added an extra side. I got the pulled pork sandwich and it was very good. Part of the fun for me was trying their three house BBQ sauces. I did not like the sweet one too much, but loved the mild when I added just a bit of the hot to it. The pork was tender and juicy with a great flavor, very good pulled pork. For one of my sides, I just had to try the jalapeno mashed potatoes--they had been recommended to me. And indeed, they were very good. I sure wish I had that recipe. I also had the coleslaw (yumm) and the BBQ baked beans--they were excellent. 

My friend Tommy had the brisket sandwich and it was also very good. He thought it to be about the second-best brisket he'd ever had (first was at another local Orlando BBQ place that's known to always have a long line--for a reason). His sides were the sweet tater casserole (yummy) and the potato salad, also delicious.

We had a very good meal at Cecil's--it was delicious BBQ. I'd go back, in a heartbeat. Yumm, definitely good eats.
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