Monday, July 26, 2010

Line Drive Burgers

Good burgers, great potential, that's how I feel about my recent experience at Line Drive Burgers.I'd heard about this place and visited their web site and even added them to I am a huge fan of local small businesses and so I wish them all the best. They have great potential, for sure. I went there with three frieneds from work, at lunchtime on a recent Friday.

We arrived shortly before noon and were immediately greeted. We spent a bit of time perusing the posted menu and then we each ordered. I found the  ordering process a bit confusing. I had to ask for my drink cup, then after I ordered, I proceeded to the drink station. Apparently, I was supposed to go to the "dressing" station first to decide on the toppings for the burger. Among my chosen toppings was onions and i was told I could get them grilled if I wanted. I did. So I chose a bunch of toppings. Meanwhile my friends were ordering, and some being called back to the toppings station. It was just a bit confusing and there was no clear direction.

I ordered a single burger with cheese and a drink. I had a coupon for a free fries or chips--I chose the fries. Eventually, my burger was served...but not the fries, I had to wait a bit for them. That was a bit disappointing, i believe in getting all my food at the same time, burgers and fries. But so it goes. So I started in on the burger. First the good. The burger was tasty. And the bun was exceptional. The toppings were very good as well, though in retropspect I wish I'd chosen less toppings. But now the bad. There was a bit too much grease, like the burger was taken directly from the grill and plopped on the bun. And the bun was not toasted--that would have added a lot. The burger was just OK, nothing too fantastic, but still miles ahead of a Mickie-D's. And the wonderful flavor of the bun went a long ways to pleasing me.

I was several good sized bites into my burger when my fries finally showed up ( and the delayed fries were experienced by my friends as well). A bag of fries were plopped on the table and I was left to fend for myself. Fortunately, I'd done my homework and knew that the fries were served without adornment (i.e. undresses) and so I went to the condiment area to add some seasoning--blackening for me. If I had not known what to do, I'd have been lost. The fries were good--definitely hot and fresh. I don't believe they were hand cut, the seemed to be run of the mill frozen fries, but tasty and fresh, just nothing to say "special."

Overall, I'd have to say my meal was good. I think a few fine points need a bit of tuning here, but it's a new place, only open about a month. When we first arrived, there were all young people working and no one appeared to be in charge. Later I noticed a somewhat older gentleman who appeared to be a manager or owner. They got quite busy at lunch time and things seemed to be going a bit better with him there.

So, would I go back? You betcha, but getting less toppings next time and more burger (perhaps a double). And I hope to god all my food it done at the same time next time. With a bit of fine tuning, I believe they could be a real success. A bit more customer training and direction is needed, and bit better food flow, but they've got a winning recipe for success, I hope they make it a home run!
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