Friday, July 30, 2010

Sushi Connections Restaurant

I am no sushi expert, and have rarely had it, but my experience at Sushi Connections Restaurant recently was a very good one. Imagine sitting at a counter where a belt goes past, and on that belt are little plates of sushi. The belt is endless, but you just pick out what you want and the sushi chefs on the other side keep a constant vigil, ensuring the selection is varied and the food is plentiful and fresh. I was fortunate to sit next to my friend and coworker Jimmy who was able to be my guide and we shared a few plates.

I had quite an assortment of sushi, from a shrimp roll to white tuna to salmon and red tuna and even a plate of seaweed--it was quite tasty though the texture was something new to me. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed every bite i put into my mouth. The lunch special as $2.10 per plate and when it was all over, I had six plates stacked up. Not bad. I got past any sort of mental block I had about raw fish and really enjoyed my meal. I'd have kept eating if I'd had had more room in me! I was almost up for trying the eel, but I think I'd need a few beers to do the octopus. Then again, you never know. Now that I've had a good assortment of sushi, I want to have some again. And again. And again!
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