Thursday, July 1, 2010

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

It was OK, but just OK. Not bad, but nothing exceptional, that about sums up my visit to Smokey Bones recently. I would say it was just a bit pricey for what I got, actually. I started off with a side salad--that was pretty good and it had a ranch dressing with a kick--it had a nice cumin and chili flavor to it, i liked that. For my meal I ordered the pulled pork dinner. The pulled pork had a nice smoky flavor and was cooked well, very tender and juicy. The portion seemed a bit skimpy for the price and I did find a bit of gristle and other "stuff" in it, a turn off for me. I did like some of the sauces they had, especially the chipotle sauce--nice and spicy--and the North Carolina sauce, though it was definitely western North Carolina. My broccoli was somewhat lackluster, cooked just a bit beyond nice and crispy, but not quite to the soggy stage. It was just OK. The backed beans were killer, however, great taste and flavor, a bit of vinegar, some burnt ends in them, and the beans were nice and firm and not smushy. Overall the meal here was good, but it was not great. I think there is better barbecue around for a better price.
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