Monday, July 26, 2010

Nutz Deep

I should have had the burger--everyone raves about them. But alas, I tried a few appetizers and then was feeling guilty, so opted for a more healthy fare. Silly me.

I was visiting family in town, and went to Nutz Deep with my sisters where we also met some of their friends, a regular Thursday night gathering. I wanted to try some "exotic" Wisconsin fare, so ordered the Deep Fried Cheese curds to begin with. I was not overly impressed. Cheese curds are usually of different sizes. This looked like new cheese that had been cut into uniform sizes (true, makes it easier to fry), breaded and deep fried. Now there is nothing bad about deep fried cheese, they just were OK, nothing too special.

Next I went on to the deep fried dill pickle spears. They were barely OK. Just nothing at all special about them. The breading was OK. The flavor was OK. Just nothing about them made them very special. We had some other appetizers that I samples. One was shredded onion rings...they were actually quite good. Another as home made potato chips that were covered with a blue cheeese dressing and some onion and bacon... very, very good, actually. Now we're talking some serious good bar food appetizers.

For my main course I chose a turkey club sandwich. It was pretty ordinary, starting with tasteless white bread. But hey, it's what I ordered. All around me I saw others ordering and drooling over tasty burgers. I learned my lesson, next time I'll do like the natives do and order a burger. They all raved about them. My sandwich, while a bit more healthy, was a bit more ordinary. Go for the burger next time, go for the burger!
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  1. I am willing to try anything at least once, especially if it's deep-fried (hey...I'm a Southern boy); however, I am not a fan of any restaurant/eatery named "Nutz" and I don't eat food called curd.

    Ha ha ha! That sandwich looks fairly good, though.

  2. I "ate" at Nutz once. I've eaten a LOT of different things, and a fair number of truly bad meals, and this was, by far, the WORST. I had a quesadilla which consisted of dried-out tortillas sandwiching a product with the consistency of Elmer's Glue. It definitely wasn't cheese, nor dairy of any sort. Nor was it soy cheese/sour cream/etc. I shudder to think what the kitchen staff slapped together.

    I think I also had a salad, but apparently, my subconscious is trying to block out the details.

  3. I've eaten at nutzdeep numerous times and it has by far the best food in Marshfield. The hub city burger is excellent and it comes with delicious homemade chips. My favorite place in marshfield

  4. what in the hell motivates a person to name something nutz deep, its the name of endless prono films. and right on main street. i am by no means a prude by any measure, but this is incredibly poor taste and judgement by the city. really, seriouly?

    1. here's your answer. It's ok to come out from under that rock now.

  5. To "passing through:" Get a Life! Lift your mind out of the gutter. Beer and Nuts go together and have from time immemorial. It's a cute name. And how is the city involved. You really need to get a life.

  6. This bar and grill is amazing! Great food , staff, and awesome beer selection. I was in marshfield on business and all the locals recommended this place. I think the name is cute and it probably brings the curious customer in.

  7. Watered down and over priced drinks in a douche bag filled atmosphere. No thank you. Pink slime sure is tasty huh?