Monday, August 17, 2009

Dixie Crossroads

It is worth it to drive from the Lake Mary/Orlando/Sanford area to Titusville just to eat at Dixie Crossroads. But if you do, you must order the Rock Shrimp. They truly Rock! Rock shrimp are a hard-shell shrimp that are split in half. You just peel the shrimp off the shell, dip in butter, and you'd swear you're eating the tastiest bit of lobster ever. Yes, they are that good.

When you sit down, they bring you a bowl of corn fritters topped with powdered sugar. They are delicious be beware, you do not want to fill up on these alone. We had an appetizer of rock shrimp. Later on my friend said that if he'd know the rock shrimp were that great, he'd just have ordered a big ole basket of them for dinner. As it was, we both had mahi-mahi. He had his fried and said it was very good. I had mine blackened and it was good, though I'd say just a tad overcooked. Still it was good. Along with a side salad and a tasty and not overdressed coleslaw, this was a very good meal.

It's a special treat to go to Dixie Crossroads for a meal. I suggest it's worth the trip. Caution: I've been here before and had to wait a long time--it is just that good and it is worth the wait!
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