Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home Cooking at its Finest

Last night I had the finest home-cooked meal in the world! Here is what made it home cooked:
  • My brother raised the chickens we had. Talk about plump and flavorful!
  • My Dad's garden provided the red potatoes, white potatoes, cucumbers, green beans, and yellow beans, and raspberries.
  • My Dad grilled the chicken.
  • My Mom cooked the rest of the meal and marinated the chicken.
  • The whole-grain bread was home-baked by a local small bakery.

Now I tell you, it does not get any better than this! I am vacationing this week in central Wisconsin, visiting family, and this was about the best meal a person could ever have.

The chicken was flavorful, juicy, cooked perfectly, and quite plump. You so not see chicken pieces with this much meat and this little fat in your supermarket. It was divine.

The yellow and green beans has some bacon bits and a hint of red wine vinegar--they were to die for.

The potatoes were a flavorful medley of newly dug white and red potatoes, with some sweet potatoes thrown in for extra sweetness as well as color. Absolutely delicious.

The cucumbers were fresh from the garden, mixed with a little green pepper and sour cream. I'm not a big cucumber fan, but I had seconds of these (and, I'll guiltily admit, everything else as well).

The whole grain bread was hearty and flavorful without being bready.

To top off a most wonderful meal, a homemade layered dessert featuring--you guessed it--home-grown raspberries fresh from the garden.

If two words could sum up this feast, they'd be "home-made" and "home-grown." Truly a meal to die for! Thanks, Mom and Dad!


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