Monday, August 10, 2009

Edwardo's Natural Pizza

Can you get real, Chicago-style deep-dish pizza outside of Chicago? The answer is yes! Edwardo's Natural Pizza in Milwaukee is part of a small Chicago-based chain, but they show that they do know how to make authentic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

I was visiting family in Milwaukee and when they mentioned the Sunday Family Special at Edwardo's, I was all ears. For about $16 we got a medium deep-dish classic (tomatoes and cheese) Chicago-style pizza and a pitcher of diet Coke. The four of us ate to our fill and still there was a slice left. What a bargain. But on top of that, the pizza was absolutely delicious. The creamy, oozy mozzarella cheese on the bottom over the delicious crust, and topped with a savory tomato sauce with a hint of basil and oregano--what a great combination. And a great price. The menu is pretty extensive and they have both deep dish and thin crust pizzas, some very trendy (Chipotle Chicken), others traditional, beside some other traditional Italian offering. Sure wish we had one of these in Central Florida. If you're in Milwaukee or Chicago area, be sure to look them up. Wonderful pizza. Yumm!
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