Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That Deli!

I have been to That Deli! here in Lake Mary about 4 times now and every time I am very impressed. Went there for lunch with my boss yesterday. Told him we had to go by 11:30 to avoid the lunch rush and I was right. By the time we left, every available inside seat was taken and some people were sitting outside. There were a number of takeout orders and at one point the line was out the door (but moved fast). What does that tell you? It tells me they are very popular for a place that's been open barely half a year. I found this place by accident but I keep going back and keep talking about it. It's one of my two favorite lunch spots in Lake Mary--or anywhere in central Florida for that matter!

I had a two daily specials for my meal--the Blue Meaning sandwich and a potato salad side (and the total with drink was about $10--a good deal!). The Blue Meanie was hot turkey, bacon, blue cheese crumbles and tomato. It was very good. The salad was red potato with thousand island dressing, green peas, and red peppers. It was also quite good.

I've never had a bad meal here. Several weeks ago for a company paid celebration, we ordered 10 to-go meals from here. They had them ready at the appointed time and everyone really liked the food. I'll be back here again and again, I'm sure. I love this place!

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