Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red Lobster

My friend and I went out to eat the other night at Red Lobster in Daytona Beach. It was, as is usually the case at Red Lobster, a pleasant experience with good food. Not great, mind you, but definitely good.

We started with some seafood stuffed mushrooms. They were plenty good though the mushrooms on th small side. But still quite tasty. For the price, I'd have liked slightly bigger 'shrooms.

For my dinner I had a combination of salmon and shrimp with a buttery, creamy, lemony sauce. It was delicious, though the shrimp were, as is usual, just bit overcooked--I always try the shrimp first thing as they tend to continue cooking on the plate. But other than that, it was a very good meal. Fortunately, the shrimp were not terribly overcooked either. They were not rubbery, they were tasty, just not perfect. On the other hand, the salmon was very close to perfect. Still moist and juicy, tender and flaky, and not dried out at all. It was delicious. My dinner came with broccoli and i had more broccoli as a side. I love broccoli with some lemon on it, and it was cooked just right. A fairly healthy dinner (if you take away the sauce and the luscious garlic-parmesan rolls!).

My friend had a combination plate that was equally good. Scallops, shrimp, and chicken. All were tender and flavorful. The parmesan mashed potatoes had a nice flavor as well.

All in all it was another good meal at Red Lobster for a reasonable price.

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