Monday, August 17, 2009

Monterey Grill

A friend and I had dinner at the Monterey Grill in Port Orange (south of Daytona) last Saturday evening. We'd been here once before and raved about their Firecracker Shrimp appetizer, so were anxious to see if we could have a repeat outstanding performance.

We did!

The Firecracker shrimp were outstanding, cooked just right and excellent in every regard. The breading was crisp and firm, not at all greasy, and the sauce give it a nice littl kick. I could probably eat a whole bowl of these lucious little lumps of goodness. Yumm.

I had a bowl of Chicken Artichoke soup, just because the combination sounded intriguing. The chicken was tender and juicy, the broth creamy, and the big chunks or artichoke delicious. A very good soup.

For dinner I had the Laguna Beach Fried Shrimp. The shrimp were battered and deep fried, cooked perfectly. Yumm. The only off-key was the cocktail sauce--it was a bit bland and lacking in the horseradish kick I usually find in a good cocktail sauce. It was just OK. The mixed farmer's market veggies I had to go-with, and the salad, were both very good.

My friend had the Monterey Chicken which was also very good. We had a great and satisfying meal here. The service was attentive. The place was busy and we had a short wait, a testatment to its popularity and its good food. We'll be back here again, no doubt!
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