Sunday, August 30, 2009

Indigo at the Riverside Hotel

We were in downtown Fort Lauderdale recently, enjoying our walk along the Riverwalk and Las Olas, and stumbled upon Indigo, a very nice restaurant in the Riverside Hotel. Wow, were we glad we stopped in. It was a very hot day out and so we elected to sit inside, but had a nice view of the street.

We were not extremely hungry so ordered off the lunch menu. I had the Grilled Chicken with Pesto sandwich with a mixed greens salad. Both were excellent. If any complaint, perhaps a bit too much feta on the sandwich in places. But the sandwich itself was excellent, a few large pieces of chicken, a nice pesto, and beefsteak tomato. It was soooo good and a huge sandwich. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the price? This was a huge dinner size sandwich at a budget lunch price of $10. Worth every bit of that and more!

My friend had the Chicken Parmagiana. It was excellent. A nice cruchy coating topped with a wonderful marinara, some roasted garlic, and tasty cheese. Wow, was it good. It was served with linguini with more wonderful marinara. And a huge portion. Did I mention the price? It was a dinner size portion for a budget lunch price of $9.

Not only was the food wonderful and the ambience nice, the waiter was very attentive and the service good and prompt. I'd certainly eat here again and again and again. If lunch is that good, I wonder how great dinner must be. I'd like to go back and try, and next time I'm in Fort Lauderdale, I just may do that!

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