Sunday, August 30, 2009

Primanti Brothers Pizza

Very good pizza right along Fort Lauderdale Beach. We stopped here for pizza last night, a bit after a fierce thunderstorm had chased everyone off the beach and back to their hotel, guest houses, and homes. It was busy, surprisingly, but the wait was not too bad--if you wanted to eat outside. Well, it was our only choice, and a nice evening, so we did. It was a good choice.

Ordering was a bit scattered, the order-taker had a hard time making proper change, and they did forget about my side salad. But the wonderful pizza erased those memories.

First the side salad--quite small and just ordinary. But hey, it's a pizza place. It was still good.

Now for the good--the pizza. It was very good. We had a half and half--half pepperoni and mushroom, half sausage, mushroom, onion, and tomato. Wonderful from the very good crust to the fresh ingredients. We had the 14" and it was more than we could eat, yet it was hard to stop. While eating, we noticed the continued stream of people in and out, a testament to how good it was.

Would I eat pizza here again? You bet, in a minute. I recommend Primanti Brothers.

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