Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The bayview area of Milwakee is home to Honeypie, a quaint bar/restaurant/cafe on South Kinnikinnic Avenue. It was a great find!

I went there for lunch yesterday with my sister and her husband, the perfect end to my Wisconsin vacation. I had a lunch that was as delicious as it was memorable for the good food. My only regret is that I had to leave town and can't go right back for dinner.

I had the Porkslaw, a pulled pork sandwich topped with celery root slaw and servd on an egg bun. The sandwich itself was huge, the portion of pulled pork gigantic. The pulled pork was expertly done, tender, juicy, and with a nice barbecue sauce--not to sweet, not too sour, just the way I like it. The celery root slaw itself was outstanding. It had a nice woodsy flavor and was crisp enough to stand up to the hot pulled pork.

Eating this sandwich was no easy feat, it was that big. But procuring a stack of napkins, I attempted it. Mmmmm--what a great taste it was. To go along with it I had a side salad with a wonderful basil viniagrette dressing. My sister and brother-in-law both had the fries with their meals. My sister proclaimed the the "best ever" fries! And I'd have to agree, they were outstanding. She also had a slice of the key lime pie, equally good.

For a small place in the south side of Milwaukee, Honeypie delivers "big place" taste, based on my experience. Next time I'm in Milwaukee I'll be wanting to go here. In the meantime, I suggest you try it. They have a number of items on their menu that look simply outstanding. Give 'em a try!
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