Monday, August 3, 2009

Pulled Pork Quesadillas

It's not all about eating out, but about food, and I love to cook besides eating out. Last night I cooked.

Last night I made some delicious pulled pork quesadillas for dinner. I'd smoked several pork butts (shoulders) about a month ago and frozen some packages of the meat for just such an occasion. The meat was slow cooked all day in hickory smoke and had a nice smoke ring and a great smoky flavor. I'd also made several varieties of barbecue sauces and saved them, too, for another time.

For the quesadillas, I added small amounts of three different barbecue sauces--two were my home made sauces, one was store-bought. The latter was Bulls-Eye brand, a frequent winner of taste testings. For me it's a bit on the sweet side, but has a nice flavor. To that I added a Tomato-Vodka sauce of my own that had quite a kick to it thanks to cayenne. And for a bit more mellow flavor, i added a vinegary tomato and onion based sauce. The combination of the three gave me the flavor I desired--smoky, sweet, acid, and heat. Yumm. I added the sauce to the pulled pork and arranged this on a honey wheat (low-fat) tortilla. Then I diced a few shallots and added them, and finally a layer of cheddar and monterey jack cheese. A few minutes later--thanks to my Quesadilla making machine--I had a wonderful quesadilla, expertly cooked.

And the flavors? Oh, it was wonderful. I served with just a bit of BBQ sauce on the top and a dollop of sour cream. A wonderful creation that I'll surely make again. Definitely good eats in central Florida at my house last night!


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